Nov. Registered for the Peru Public Procurement Service
Nov. Certificated for Venture enterprise
Jul. TAEHWA E & P was Transferred to Seo Busan Distribution Complex

Oct. Certificated ABS ISO 14001
Mar. Certificated ISO 9001, API 6A-1157 (Company Approval)
Jan. Registered for a Posco Construction Vendor List.

Aug. Registered for a Lotte Construction Vendor List.
Jun. Certificated RS.

Sep. Established TAEHWA E & P (Pure Sales Office) In Centum IS Tower at Haeunda

Oct. Selected as a leading company in Busan Metropolitan City.
Aug. Acquired certificate for R&D.
Mar. Acquired certificate from GL in Germany.

Nov. Registered as a supplier for Daehan Shipbuilding.
Nov. Acquired certificate from the ABS in USA.
Oct. Registered as a supplier for Daehan Shipbuilding.
Aug. Acquired certificate from Lloyd in Britain.

Jun. Developed and manufactured MATALLIC GASKET.

Oct. Preliminary registration as a supplier for Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Nov. Registered as a supplier for DSME.
Oct. Exhibited at the Marine Week 2003.
May. Acquired design approval by HSD Engine.
Apr. Acquired design approval by STX Shipbuilding.

Aug. Registered as a supplier for Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.
May. Registered as a supplier for POSCO.
Apr. Exported NON-ASBESTOS, ASBESTOS JOINT SHEET to Southeast Asia.

Nov. Design approved by Samsung Heavy Industries for TH3000, TH3000W.
Sep. Registered as a supplier of NON-ASBESTOS GASKET for Hanjin Heavy Industries.
Aug. Installed 60" (1500 X 4100) CALEND ROLL.

Sep. Acquired a K.R approval for non-asbestos JOINT SHEET, GASKET.
Aug. Exported JOINT SHEET to China.
May. Acquired the ISO9001:2000 Certificate (ABS).

Oct. Developed and started manufacturing of NON-ASBESTOS JOINT SHEET.
Aug. Installed 108" (2700 X 3850) wide automated CALEND ROLL.
Aug. Constructed a manufacturing facility within Noksan National Industrial Complex.

Dec. Delivered JOINT SHEET for automobile GASKET manufacturers.

Nov. Delivered JOINT SHEET for farm equipment GASKET manufacturers.

Mar. "Changed the company name to TaeHwa Kalpa Seal. Started to produce JOINT SHEET, GASKET"

Mar. Manufactured and exported JOINT SHEET CALEND ROLL M/C to Southeast Asia.

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